Our clients

4 major groups

We divided our clients into 5 major groups from Jade. Each group has specific needs and wishes. That is why we attach a great deal of importance to a correct needs analysis during a personal interview. This is the only way for us to make the right offer and give valuable advice.  


The aim of each owner, investor or project developer is to have his project stand out from that of his competitive colleagues.  That is why they are constantly looking for added value to offer their clients. We draw on our operational experience and sense of innovation to consider, together with you, how we can achieve that goal in concrete terms. 


The rapid technological developments are nonetheless making us fall increasingly back on our core business. Non-core activities are increasingly outsourced to third parties.  Similarly, energy and real estate fall under this category as well. As an all-around energy and real estate expert, Jade would like to help you to define and implement the right strategy for your real estate.


Consultancy firms