Our awards

Nominated for the Belfius Smart Company Award (2017)

Quares brings verve to sustainable real estate and was nominated for the Belfius Smart Company Award 2017 for their project on energy efficiency in real estate.

Quares invests in energy efficient buildings through the Sustainable Energy Fund, in a very interesting manner at that. The fund invests. The owner or tenant reimburses Quares thanks to the energy savings made.

Quares hopes to make sustainable investments exceeding €1000 million in the next five years. The first projects have already been charted. “We are renewing the LED lighting of a logistics hall for an industrial player.  We are also devising an integral solution for the heating and insulation of the buildings of a public authority,” says Philippe Merie, consultant at Quares.

Before investing, Quares looks into the savings potential of a property; how can LED lighting, solar panels and cogeneration contribute to greater energy efficiency, for instance? This analysis is followed by a financial proposals.

Read the entire article on Belfius.be

European Business Awards for The Environment (2013)

Green pioneers in business earn recognition for their innovative efforts and contribution to sustainable development.  Accordingly, Business & Society Belgium, cooperation with the VBO (Verbond Belgische Ondernemingen) [Federation of Belgian Businesses], BNP Paribas Fortis, Elia and Siemens developed the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment.

The aim is to reward Belgian companies that succeed in combining innovation, economic success and environmental management. These Awards are attributed every other year by an independent panel.

Twenty-six companies took part in the competition this year, including Coca-Cola, Barco NV, Umicore, Tupperware Belgium NV, Total Belgium, Eneco, Fost Plus, Thalys International, … Quares signed up this year too! With our ‘Sustainable Business Park management’, we were selected by a panel among the 11 finalists to go through to the European competition organized by the European Commission.

The panel cited that the vision of Quares for “Sustainable Business park management” is refreshing and innovative.  It also lauded the financing model, where park management must recoup the investment and thus entail no cost for the participating companies. In spite of the economic input, Quares also endeavours to have the cooperation achieve ecological and social benefits. Geared to professionalism and continuity, this future-proof approach ensures a clear group dynamics that the panel was able to appreciate….

The 11 finalists who competed for the European title are listed below:

  • Quares – Sustainable management of business parks;
  • AB Inbev – an environmental strategy for a better world;
  • Floridienne Chimie – Environmental innovation as a strategy for survival;
  • Umicore and Worldloop – an innovative partnership to tackle e-waste;
  • Delhaize – Only sustainable fish on the shelves;
  • Ateliers de l’Avenir – CIMEDE: modular housing for the future;
  • Biolectric – Biolectric Pocket Digester: manure becomes energy;
  • CNH Belgium – Environmental innovation in agricultural equipment;
  • Econation – Intelligent skylights through a new business model;
  • Transfurans – Bio-based resin for strong wood;
  • Biorganic factory – Sustainable catering 100%.