Reduce your operational costs without making your own investment

We bear the entire investment (Capex) of the installation.  This is invoiced to the customer in the form of a fixed monthly operating cost (Opex), which covers the rental of the installation, but also the cost of maintenance. This fixed amount, as well as the duration of your financing, is chosen so that the savings on the energy bill are greater than the monthly payment. This will allow you to enjoy operational savings from day one.

In addition, as a third party investor, we are responsible for the proper functioning of the installation during the entire rental period. As a user of the installation, you can therefore expect no unexpected costs during the contract period.

When multiple techniques are financed, in case of technical issues you only need to call one number and the problem will be solved for you carefree within the agreed SLAs.

Because you do not need to invest yourself and the third party financing does not enter your balance sheet, your solvency is not affected and you can use your own resources or borrowing capacity optimally for your core business.


  • No investment budget required
  • Solvency is not affected
  • Saving on your operational costs
  • Total care with limited time investment
  • Choice of qualitative installation by analysis of the study bureau
  • The proper functioning of the installation is guaranteed
  • No unexpected costs (total guarantee during rental)


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  • Energy Service Companies: an energy project is financed that reduces energy consumption. The financing is paid off with part of the savings on the energy bill. After the contract, you become the owner of the installation.  This financing can be used for the following techniques: Solar panels - Batteries - Charging stations - HVAC - Relighting
  • As-a-service: a circular economy as the basis for a sustainable society. An installation is offered as-a-service; you pay to be able to use the installation. When it is financially convenient to adapt or renew the installation, this is offered at no extra cost. This financing can be used for the following techniques: Relighting - Charging stations
  • Power Purchase Agreement: an installation is placed that generates green power. You buy this green power at a more favourable rate than that of your energy supplier, this is how you pay off the installation.  This financing can be used for the following techniques: Solar panels