As a financing party, we help companies to renew the technical installations of a building. Jade Synergies takes care of the investment, you don't have to release any funds yourself. Part of the energy savings is used to pay off the technical installations.

Our method

Analysis and design

We analyse your savings potential and formulate the solution that best meets the specific needs of your premises.


We have the selected installation carried out by a network of high-quality, independent technical experts.


We take care of the financing. You do not have to make an investment of your own and immediately enjoy a reduction in your energy bill thanks to third-party off-balance sheet financing.


We permanently monitor your installation via advanced monitoring systems and, if necessary, provide on-site intervention. This way, we guarantee reliable results and good performance at all times.


We supervise your employees so that the installation is used optimally and provide coaching where necessary.

Our services

Cost reduction

Operational saving immediately

Increase comfort

Comfort increase without own investment 

CO2 reduction

Immediate response to CO2 emissions 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Making social and responsible business accessible

Tackle major projects with a minimum of effort

Our strengths

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Planning – Uitvoering – Beheer Financiering – Coaching
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